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From: The Desk of Justin Lee

Re: Cashing In On The Foreclosure Crisis

Dear Friend,

If you still haven’t found a reliable foreclosure investing system to follow, or you’re frustrated because you’ve been trying to build your own, and it’s become too expensive or taken too long, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Keep in mind, this is a true story, my story, as only I can tell it, because I'm the one that figured out how to transform dead marketing efforts and unsuccessful visits to homeowners into a fountain of leads and closed deals that put more money in my pocket with just a change of my marketing. 

In fact, if your foreclosure investing business isn’t on autopilot, making you big checks every single month, even if the homeowner tells you “…But I Just Want To Keep The House…” then stop and get ready to read every word in the this letter very carefully, because what I’m about to share with you will change your real estate business, and your life, as you know it today.

Here I am, at the beginning of this letter and I can already hear you wondering (because I would be wondering the same thing)...

“…Is This Guy For Real?  What could he possibly tell me that is going to so drastically change my life or my real estate investing business?”  Or better yet, if you are just getting started. . . “What could he possibly tell me that is going to actually jump start my foreclosure investing business?”

I Totally Understand And I Don't Blame You For Thinking That 

Listen, if I wasn't the guy who made the discovery that I'm about to share with you and watch it not double, triple, or even quadruple my foreclosure income, but increase it by almost 20 times, I'd have a hard time believing I was for real too. Heck, my wife and I couldn’t even believe it when we literally stumbled upon this idea just because we wanted to better serve homeowners facing foreclosure and stop wasting time and money banging on closed doors. 

What I'm trying to say is, I can relate... 

That's why I'm taking the time to tell you exactly what happened that led to my discovery of a very simple marketing solution. A discovery that helped me “crack” the foreclosure investing code. . . and create the kind of success my wife and I have always dreamed about.  

Here’s The Story… 

I wasn’t always a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur.  In fact, I used to be one of those “Corporate America” sales guys.  I cut my teeth back in the mid 1990s in the telecommunications industry…back when they deregulated old "Ma Bell".  I did okay, and in fact by 2001 I thought that I had landed what at the time was my “dream job”, selling telecom equipment to big companies like Verizon and Comcast. 

But my whole world came crashing down exactly 1 week before Thanksgiving in 2001.  The post 9-11 world was becoming a reality, and many of my smaller prospects were going out of business.  Heck, I lived in Arlington, VA at the time, just a scant 2 miles from the Pentagon, so I was intimately familiar with the horrible things 9-11 did to families, businesses, and the economy in general.

So I had just left a meeting at Verizon at one of their New Jersey facilities, and was on my way to the train station in Newark, NJ to get on the train to go to Philly for a meeting at Comcast headquarters the next day.  When we pulled up to the train station, my manager, who had been on the Verizon appointment with me, got out of the car and said

“Justin, we’ve made some changes.  We’re not going to need you any longer…” 

“So you don’t want me to go to the Comcast meeting tomorrow?” …I replied, lump in my throat… 

“You can stay on the train, go past Philly, and head straight back to DC” my manager replied… 

I Was Blown Away 

I had never been laid off before, and the stark reality of working in a shrinking industry like telecom was starting to set in.  Despite the fact that I only got a lousy 2 weeks severance package, by the time the New Year had rolled around, I was ready to get myself a new job.

The problem was that I suddenly found myself competing for jobs with guys who had 10, 15 and sometime 20 years more experience than I did.  Rather than beat my head against a brick wall and compete with these guys, I knew it was time for a career chang. Time to take matters into my own hands and stop relying on “Corporate America”, where my last job had treated me like a number: and nothing else…

Fortunately for me, I had a friend who owned a mortgage brokerage business.  He gave me a job as a loan officer, and taught me the business.  Well one thing led to another, and I quickly stumbled into the world of sub-prime loans.  In fact, I quickly figured something out.

People needed sub-prime mortgages because their credit stunk…and the reason that their credit stunk, more often than not, was because they either were, or had been, late on their mortgage.

Naturally working on all of these files where people were 30, 60, and 90 or even 120 days past due on their mortgage led me to a world that would change my life:

The World Of PreForeclosures 

Just so you and I are on the same page, I define “PreForeclosure” as the time from when a homeowner is 1 month late on his mortgage (30 days past due) up until the day that they sell his or her home at the county courthouse steps.

Anyway, I became fascinated with “PreForeclosures” and I started studying up and learning about them, as I was intrigued by stories of real estate moguls making big profits in foreclosures.  So what happened to me?

Well, probably just like you, I started going to a bunch of real estate investing seminars.  I even joined my local REIA (Real Estate Investing Association) in DC, and 3 months later, I had joined a second one in Northern Virginia.  The next thing I knew I was buying courses, going to bootcamps, getting on webinars, listening to CDs, and all of the other "stuff" that a newbie is supposed to do.


I Was Learning A Ton

Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not complaining.  I was learning a ton about the business, how to put together deals, what a deed was, what a short sale was, how to write an offer, how to make a presentation to a seller, all of that stuff.  I had this library of information in my head (and an even bigger library of books, courses, CDs and manuals on my bookshelves).  But even with all of this great knowledge that I now possessed, there was one small problem. 

I Wasn’t Making Any Money 

All that “know-how” in my brain hadn’t put a single penny in my pocket.  While I knew a bunch of stuff “in theory” I hadn’t applied it to real life.  I was frustrated.  I took a look in the mirror and I knew I was a joke.  I wasn’t a real estate investor.  I was a mortgage guy who was spending all of his paychecks “learning” how to invest in real estate.  Something had to change, because here I was, nearly 6 months into “investing” in my real estate investing education, and I had yet to do a deal. 

Then The Light Bulb Went On

All of sudden, one day, I figured out that my problem was that I had yet to talk to that magical, mythical creature.  The creature that it seemed was about as real as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or a Unicorn: THE MOTIVATED SELLER!

My problem though, I finally figured out, was that to find these MOTIVATED SELLERS, you had to get some marketing out.  Here I was, 6 months into this, and I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on my real estate “education” but at the same time I had spent absolutely nothing on marketing my business.

I didn’t have much money left, so I did what was recommended in many of the “GURU” courses:  I went out and bought a couple hundred bandit signs.  You know the ones, the kind that say “WE BUY HOUSES.”

My wife and I used to get in the car on Saturday mornings at 6 AM and drive around the metro D.C. area hanging these bandit signs that said “WE BUY HOUSES.”

It Wasn’t Our Ideal Saturday Morning

My wife, driving, stopping at a corner, and me jumping out and running to the best and highest sign-post I could find, hammering my signs into a telephone pole while my wife circled the block and kept an eye out…We got up very early on our “day off” just so we could avoid any attention as bandit signs were frowned upon in most of this area.

Finally, one day the phone rang after someone saw one of our signs!  On the other end was that magical creature: a real, live, motivated seller!  She needed to sell her house, and she needed to sell it fast!

We Finally Got Our First Deal

It was our first foreclosure deal, and even though I really didn’t know what I was doing, it ended up netting us a $27,000 profit.

We were determined to make this work.  We wanted to become real estate investors.  My wife was working full time so we could pursue this dream.  She was supporting our family and helping me launch this business…I couldn’t let her down…

That first deal was a decent start, but I wanted more.

We Took That First $27,000 In Profits And
Invested It All Back Into Our Business

Well we decided to go for it.  I had enough money to really start trying some direct mail and internet stuff.  Everything that we had read, heard and studied had told us that direct mail was the way to go.

So we went for it: marketing to the foreclosures lists in the entire tri-state area of Virginia, Maryland and DC.

We were doing tons of direct mail marketing and even launched our first website.  We even kept “running from the sign police” hanging even more & more of our signs…

I was doing everything I was taught at all the real estate investing courses I had read and all of the seminars and bootcamps I attended (about $15,000 worth of courses and seminars at this point).  But what happened after that was a Big Fat Disappointment.

Nothing Happened  

Zilch. Zero. Nada. I had practically zero response rates from my direct mail.  Had there been an award for “Worst Direct Mail Campaign Of The Decade” I would have won it hands down.  Our mailings were a disaster.

And when I was lucky enough to actually get someone to reply to one of my postcards or letters, they all said the same thing:

“But I Just Want To Keep My House” 

That was the really frustrating part: the handful of leads that I was getting, I couldn’t even convert them: I had no way of monetizing them.  It was unbelievably frustrating!

My website was nearly as bad: getting about 15 visitors in one month…all of them from my nosy friends who were curious about what I was up to…not homeowners wanting to sell me their house!

And I couldn't figure out why.

Then one day, I finally got a call from a prospect who received one of my postcards in the mail.  I was so excited, I just booked the appointment without asking too many questions.  I just wanted to get out there and talk to a homeowner who actually had responded to my marketing.  I set up the appointment for the very next day.

When I Walked Into His House, I Was Shocked At What I Saw 

On the floor were three big boxes of foreclosure postcards and letters from other investors that looked exactly like mine, all saying the same thing:


So I asked him, "Why'd you choose mine?" 

"I randomly just picked one out of the box", he answered. 

And that's when it hit me. 

My marketing materials didn’t stand out and they weren't worth a dime. In fact, after quickly glancing at the box, nobody’s did! All the pieces in those boxes were practically identical! It was like everyone who had sent him a mailer had attended the exact same seminar the week before.

I went home that night completely defeated.  My wife and I headed out to our favorite bar for burgers and a beer to do our weekly “meeting” about the business. 

I told her about my day and how we weren’t doing anything exciting, new or even helping these homeowners.  I was really down.  Really defeated.  We’d sunk everything into this business.  And my wife was still working 60+ hours at her job and then coming home to hear me complain….and let’s not forget about those stinkin’ signs.

After a few drinks and some serious talking we came to the realization that we weren’t really helping anyone anyway…at the time my wife had been a public servant in the Federal government and had a real “public service” concern about our business from the get-go.

Can’t You Try And Help Them?

She looked at me and said, “Justin, you are a mortgage broker, there has to be something you can do for these people!  Can’t you try and help them?  These people don’t want to lose their homes.  I mean, if we were facing foreclosure, what would our options truly be, if we really wanted to stop foreclosure?  Surely there’s more than just selling your home to investor, isn’t there?” 

So we talked and talked.  We talked about what options people really had.  We listed all of them; then we wondered, what would happen if we changed our marketing message?  If we dumped the “We Buy Houses” junk and instead began telling people about all of their options.  Surely our response rates would improve, wouldn’t they?

And then we started thinking, what if we told them we could help them try to save their home first and actually explain to the homeowners the different options for stopping a foreclosure then we might be in business, a real business! And we could also probably generate a lot more leads. 

Our Golden Opportunity

Now I don't know about you, but I feel a heck of a lot better about myself when I know I'm providing a service and helping people out.

Sure, I want to be successful, but I don't want to be seen as some shyster trying to "steal" houses from people facing foreclosure.

And the truth of the matter is, even though many homeowners won't be able to keep their homes, most people facing a possible foreclosure want to.

In fact, we did our own study over the years of all the homeowners who contacted us (tens of thousands over the past few years) and found that 80% of them wanted to keep their homes.

That's right, when given the choice between KEEPING or SELLING their homes, 8 out of 10 homeowners who contacted us said they wanted to try and SAVE (not sell) their homes.

So I have to ask you from a purely marketing standpoint, doesn't it make sense to reach people by talking about what they want?

But nobody was doing that...

That’s When We Changed Our Marketing Message  

When I started showing homeowners a way to keep their homes, as well as sell them, it gave me instant credibility compared to other investors who had ONLY one thing on their minds... buying the property at a steep discount.

So, instead of sending out the same mailers as everybody else, I decided to stand out from the crowd by educating homeowners about their options.

Homeowners Started Begging Me To Help Them

Remember, homeowners aren't only getting bombarded by Investors promising to save them from foreclosure, they're also getting hounded by Real Estate Agents begging for a listing and Bankruptcy Attorneys with the promise of a bankruptcy to save their home.

Every day...starting the day after the foreclosure notice is published these folks get hit with mail and phone calls from;

Numerous Real Estate Agents say, "Let me sell your home!"  

Tons of Real Estate Investors say, "Let me buy your home!" 

And Piles of Attorneys say, "Let's go bankrupt!"  

It's no wonder the homeowner's head is spinning! How in the world are they supposed to know who to trust?

What they need most is someone who is willing to take the time to listen to their unique situation and then help them decide the best course of action.  Someone to explain the positives and negatives of taking one step or the other (trying to save their home or selling it).  ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS:  People do business with people the like and trust. And that person should be YOU.

They don't want to set up appointments with numerous Investors, Real Estate Agents and Bankruptcy Attorneys.   They don’t want to deal with their hard to reach lender.  Would you? They know these meetings would only leave them more confused than before. All they want is someone to take the time to explain their options to them and come up with a plan of action: and then help them execute that plan!

I Decided To Be That Person 

When I started providing this service, all of a sudden I wasn't an aggressive Investor looking out for number one. Instead, I became the Foreclosure Expert who was willing to listen to their story, explain the pros and cons of each possible solution, and do what I could to help.

By showing homeowners a way to either keep OR sell their home, it gave me instant credibility. The very same homeowners who were scared to death of all the "professionals" who wanted to take advantage of them... were now begging me to help them.

I Immediately Changed My Marketing Message And
My Response Rates Went Through The Roof 

Once I took the approach of telling homeowners about all of their options for stopping a potential foreclosure, I developed a marketing message and system that worked time and time again, no matter how many times I used them.

The results were staggering...

My phone started ringing off the hook with homeowners in foreclosure wanting to know how we could help them.

In the first five months using this new marketing message, I closed five deals, with three of those exceeding $100,000 profit EACH.

I Want To Close 6 Figure Deals, Sign Me Up

I went from being one of those pushy investor guys to the guy who helps people.

And guess what…my wife quit her job.  She came on board full time to help with the business and all the leads we were generating. 

And even more exciting…we didn’t have to get up at 6 AM on a Saturday and hang those dreaded signs.  No more circling the block, no more “keeping an eye out,” and no more calls from the local “sign police.”

My wife was ecstatic and I was on the top of the world.  Finally!  It had been a long and bumpy road.

The Checks Started Pouring In

Here Are Some Of The Big Ones:

My first deal landed a profit of $183,773.87 

It was a great month! I closed another deal for a profit of $35,807.00 

Just one month later, closed another for $172,712.49 

In September, I closed yet another for $103,987.82 for a total of $496,281.12 profit that year! 

You Can’t Be In Business Today Without A Website 

As the flood of checks came pouring in, there was still one area where we realized that we were deficient: traffic to our website.

We had this fantastic marketing message, and our direct mail was going crazy.  The sad part was that as far as our website was concerned, the only time that anyone ever saw it was when they took one of our letters or postcards, and typed "" into their web browser.

The internet became another lead source, along with direct mail.  And we became pretty good at driving internet leads.  And the best part about those internet leads?  It’s the first place that homeowners look when doing research about wanting to stop foreclosure.

So now, instead of leads where the notice of default had already been filed, we were getting leads of homeowners who were only 30 or 60 days late.  Heck, some of them weren’t even late…but knew they couldn’t make next month’s payment.  Talk about leads that no one else was getting!

A Simple Website Isn’t Enough These Days 

One thing that I’m sure we can all agree on is that if you want to be taken seriously in today’s business world, you simply need a website.  And not some amateurish website that looked like a 15 year old kid slapped it up over the weekend, but something professional, something that you can be proud of.

And then once you get that website up and running, you have to get traffic to it.  No easy task.  And then even if you get the traffic there, you have to convert that traffic into leads.  A lot goes into a website, and we’ve spent years fine tuning it.  In fact, even today, we are constantly testing and tweaking our website to yield the very best results.

It was the success of our website, and the fact that 80% of visitors, when given the choice between “Keep” and “Sell” chose “KEEP MY HOME”, further validated our direct mail findings that homeowners wanted to know about all of their options.  And with this new, powerful website and our direct mail campaigns, our business was generating more leads than ever before.  In fact, I finally had a “system” for my business.

So I’m sure you are wondering, what is this system?  It’s my system.  One that I’ve been perfecting for years now, and one that I’m ready to share with a limited number of investors across the USA.  In fact, it’s more than a system.  Let’s just say that it’s a MACHINE.  It’s my Foreclosure Marketing Machine.

What Exactly Is The Foreclosure Marketing Machine?

It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step system that does all of the heavy lifting for you in your real estate investing business: maximizing your profits, while at the same time minimizing your time wasted on setting up and running your business.  You get to use all of the same tools that we use in our very own business.  When you add The Foreclosure Marketing Machine to your real estate investing business, you’ll instantly know…

1 How to quickly get started in foreclosure investing even if you’ve never done a deal (we’ll get you over the marketing road block that delayed me for 6 months at the beginning of my investing career)
1 The single best way to get your Pre-Foreclosure Lead (even if you don’t have a website)
1 How To Finally Cash in On The Foreclosure Epidemic Sweeping the Nation (and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about)
1 The surprising truth about what homeowners facing foreclosure REALLY want to do with their property (I’ve got literally THOUSANDS of case studies of real life examples to back this up)
1 How to ethically invest in foreclosures (so you feel like you’re helping people and putting away big piles of cash in your bank account)
1 The single best way to close short sale deals (hint: spending your time doing them yourself is not your quickest way to financial freedom)

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Once I got my Foreclosure Marketing Machine up and running, telling homeowners about how I could help them save their homes from foreclosure, a number of things began happening:

1 My response rates went through the roof
1 I was actually BUYING more houses by trying to help people save their homes
1 I started buying more houses than ever before

While that last statement, “I started buying more houses than ever before” was absolutely true, it also came with a price…I became busier than ever before.  Sure, I was doing lots of deals, and making piles of cash, but I was also working WAY TOO HARD.  I mean, next thing I knew, I was working 60+ hours a week.  This was exactly the kind of workload that drove me away from Corporate America.

A Victim Of My Own Success

In fact, our system works so well we learned quickly that we no longer could handle all the work.  We became victims of our own success.  We were making some pretty good money but we were working constantly!  We had to find a system to reduce the amount of time we were working.  We weren’t having any fun.  And isn’t the whole reason to work for yourself is to have a lot of fun in life?  To have real freedom?

We knew that with all of the leads coming in the door, we couldn’t keep up, so we started looking into outsourcing the majority of the work: the parts of the business that were boring, tedious, and repetitive, such as keeping up with the daily foreclosures, having our mailing go out on auto-pilot

You’ll Get Access To All Of My Marketing Secrets 

1 How to get homeowners facing foreclosure begging you to help them (by changing your approach from what most “GURU” courses tell you to do)
1 Access to my proven, professionally copy written marketing materials (that I’ve paid “hired guns” thousands of dollars to write for me)
1 How to skyrocket your response rates on your marketing (by having totally unique marketing that looks like nothing your competitor has)
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1 The simple trick to increasing response rates when marketing for foreclosure deals (most investors are getting this all wrong…don’t be one of them)
1 How to differentiate yourself from your competition (because they won’t have access to the powerful marketing materials you will)

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1 How to make money when you hear the dreaded words “But I just Want To keep The House…” (rather than walking away from these leads like nearly all other preforeclosure investors do)
1 The single best way to stop fighting with other investors over the same leads, and how to get calls from homeowners that no else is even focusing on (your competition is still using "We Buy Houses."  Use our system, and you’ll leave them in the dust)
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I Need The Foreclosure Marketing Machine

I’ll Share With You All Of My “Insider” Secrets 

1 The secrets of foreclosure investing they don’t want you to know
1 The surprising truth about why “We Buy Houses” doesn’t work when marketing to homeowners facing foreclosure (I’ve got thousands of case studies to back this up)
1 The secrets to buying more foreclosure properties that most investors will never know
1 The secret way to skyrocket your marketing response rates
1 The secrets that the ultra successful foreclosure investors don’t want you to know (but I’ll spill the beans on, so you can do more deals right away)
1 The secret desires of what homeowners facing foreclosure really want (hint: figure this out, and you’ll squash your competition like a bug)
1 The secret of why the “We Buy Houses” marketing message doesn’t work in foreclosure investing (hint: figure this out, and you’ll leave your competition scratching their head, wondering why you’re doing all the deals)

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The Foreclosure Marketing Machine puts you in the best position to be the most successful real estate investors in your local area.  There’s only problem, however: 

It’s not for everybody.  And when I say that, I mean it literally, not figuratively.  Here’s the scoop.  Because the information, the services, the website and everything that we offer is so darn exclusive, we only take on ONE investor per county.  Then it’s sold out. 

This Really Is Exclusive  

That’s it, just one!  It could be you, or it could be your competition, with access to all of my resources, my website, my member site, my marketing materials, plus everything else.  This exclusive offer is something that if available in your local county, is something that you should lock down.  Not only to grow your business, but also to stifle the growth of your competition: the very same people who are looking to do deals with your prospects as we speak! 

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The time is now to claim your county, your exclusive marketing and branding rights to my website and direct mail campaigns, plus a whole bunch more: 

So How Does This Work? 

1 Exclusive marketing, branding & licensing rights to our brand
1 Access to all of the web leads (both Keep & Sell my home leads) for your county(s) delivered to you via email, in real time
1 My complete foreclosure marketing system for you to follow, step-by-step so you can mail the same postcards and letters I do, in the exact same sequence
1 Leverage my SEO efforts and instantly have your website (remember, is now yours).
1 Your own personal, customizable, county webpage on (giving you a professional look for your business) optimized for the search engines
1 Access to our library of professionally written marketing materials by myself and other top copywriters (to give you an edge over everyone else using the "same" GURU postcards and letters that your competition is using)
1 An instant web presence and national brand recognition
1 Access to an online membership site (where all of the marketing materials, trainings, and lots, lots more are being added)

Do you think that having all of those resources could instantly make you a better, more successful real estate investor?  Of course it will.  But I know that some of you might still be thinking… “But Justin, I know this works for you, but how do I know it will work for me?” 

Don’t Just Take My Word For It,
Check Out What Other People Have To Say


" 'Struggling Investor' Goes From Barely Scraping By
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An Average Profit of $38,000 PER DEAL..."

Geri Scott has been using The Foreclosure Marketing Machine to close deals consistently each and every month. Her average profit per deal is a staggering $38,000. But it wasn't always easy or systematized for Geri. Watch the case study video to learn more...

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Ed has been working with us for over a year now. Despite the fact that he had NO prior experience in real estate other than buying and selling his own personal residence, since working with us he's closed over 17 deals for $255,000 in net profits

Ed Petrie
Owner, I Power Source
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 "Within The First 4 Weeks Of Using Your System, We Purchased A Property That Netted Us $45,000..."

"We just wanted to let you know how truly happy we are... within the first 4 weeks of using your system, we purchased a property that netted us a profit of $45,000! We have been so flooded with calls from following your marketing system that we now literally get to pick and choose what deals we work. In fact, we've become so busy that we've hired a full time person to help us with all of the activity."

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At brand is very important to us. Use and that brand gives you instant credibiity. Working with Justin lets you tap into his marketing genius. Justin knows marketing both online and onland, and I've been really impressed with his marketing.

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"Only 3 weeks after implementing your system, we closed on a deal and made $3,500"

As you well know, the preforeclosure space in the Washington, DC metro area is pretty crowded. After implementing your marketing materials, our response rates went through the roof. We've been doing this for 4 years, but your stuff is the best that we've seen. Only 3 weeks after implementing your system, we closed on a deal and made $3,500, and our shortsale pipeline has already doubled

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"Inundated with high quality preforeclosure leads..."

"Since I started working with, they've kept me inundated with high quality preforeclosure leads. If you're a serious preforeclosure investor, you need to start working with them TODAY so you can start earning more money TOMORROW."

Charles Stigger
Real Estate Investors & Short Sale and Loss Mitigation Professional
Atlanta, GA

"...Another $50,000 In Profits In My Pocket In The Next 8-10 Months..."

"One of the ideas that Justin gave me during our strategy session absolutely blew me away. I expect this one idea to put another $50,000 in profits in my pocket in the next 8-10 months. "

Brian Guthridge
Real Estate Appraiser
Chicago, IL

Real Estate Investors all over the country are using The Foreclosure Marketing Machine as their secret weapon to closing more deals, making more money, while doing less work...all at the same time.

 However, it's only 1 investor per county who is lucky enough to claim The Foreclosure Marketing Machine. Unfortunately, once it's gone, it's gone. I would hate to see you miss out on the ultimate tool for your real estate investing business.

 Just so you're exactly clear on what you're getting when you join The Foreclosure Marketing Machine, we have summarized it for you right here:

YES I understand that IF my county is available, by claiming my spot in
The Foreclosure Marketing Machine today I get: 

1 Exclusive Marketing, Branding & Licensing Rights to your website and your brand (Value: Priceless)
1 Access to EVERY single lead for the county(s) that I sign up for, including both "KEEP" & "SELL" my home leads (Value: ?)
1 Your Foreclosure Marketing System, telling what to mail, when to mail it, in what order, and how often (Value: $997)
1 My own personal, customizable county webpage on, making me the “Go-To” foreclosure prevention expert in my local area (Value: $997)
1 Access to your library of professionally copy written marketing materials and systems: postcards, letters, free reports, print ad templates, guaranteed to only be used by me in my local area! (Value $6,497)
1 An Instant Web Presence & National Brand Recognition in the Foreclosure Prevention Industry (Value: priceless)
1 Access To Your Online Membership Site where you can find the library of foreclosure marketing pieces along with hours of audio & written trainings uncovering every aspect of preforeclosure investing (Value: $497)
 That’s OVER $15,492 worth of documented value in our package that we’re offering you, in addition to valuable information that we can’t even put a price tag on!  

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 I’m Handing You My Business On A Silver Platter

And if you actually tried to build what we have built from scratch, and you had a blank check for $23,622 you wouldn’t even come close to replicating what we have.

Today, however, you’re not going to have to spend $23,622.  Actually you’re not even going to have to spend half of that, or even a quarter of that.

No, today, you can have The Foreclosure Marketing Machined for a low, low initial investment of only $997 (plus the ongoing fee for your local county).

There’s only room for one investor in your county.  I hope that it’s you.  To find out if your county is still available, just click the “Buy Now” button below us and see if it is available.  If it is, I would grab it before someone else does, and if it’s not, just add yourself to the wait list and we’ll let you know if it ever becomes available (because once someone secures a county, they don’t let it go). 

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If we were sitting down face to face right now, you might have some questions for me.  But since we’re not, I’ll go ahead and answer some of the most common questions for you:

How many leads do I get each month?

We don’t guarantee any specific number of leads that come from the website, because we simply cannot promise or control a specific number of leads. Please remember that you’re not paying for leads, you’re paying for a system. My system. Leads are just one of the many things included in the program.

What about if I want to order more than 1 county?

You can order as many counties as you like, each county has its own setup fee and monthly membership.

Everything sounds great Red, and even though your system has worked for you and Justin and the other case studies in this letter, I’m nervous it won’t work for me.  Do you have a guarantee?

I’m glad you asked, because if for any reason you are not happy with us just contact us any time within 30 days of your purchase and we will return your set-up fee. No questions ask.

100% refund of your set up fee within 30 days of purchase.


You Can’t Lose With Our Guarantee Click Here To Buy Now

If you are unhappy for any reason just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund you your entire set-up fee.  You can’t lose!

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So it’s decision time now, friend and you're either going to move forward or reject us. One year from now, you will surely have arrived. The question is WHERE? Will it be any different from where you are right now?

By joining our team today, this is your best chance at success in today’s foreclosure market.

Go ahead right now and make a decision to change your life for the better. My system is the best, fastest, easiest path to the business and the lifestyle that you want, and more importantly, you deserve.



P.S.- Remember, it’s only 1 investor per county, and then it’s gone. Don’t let your competition beat you to the punch, claim your county now.

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